Visiting a Household Waste Recycling Centre Kent County Council

Cars with large trailers are allowed at all sites apart from Haverhill, due to site capacity. Pedestrian visitors and cyclists will also have to use booking system and the booking will be in your name. If you have any further questions on how to proceed to use the recycling centre, please contact us at the Waste Management email above. CAMEL88 Please make sure that any waste you bring to site is of a manageable size and weight for staff to handle. Staff can now help members of the public to unload their vehicles or dispose of their waste when requested.
When booking you will need to select ‘I am using a hire vehicle’ option. When you arrive on site, you’ll be asked to show your hire documentation. You may be temporarily restricted from accessing the site if you regularly book slots and do not attend.
Slots will be distributed and awarded proportionally within each gender. If any IRONMAN World Championship slots roll down, those slots will stay within the same gender. The donation areas for pre-loved goods are in the Recycling Centres, so if you’re planning to donate, you’ll need to make a booking. Your allowance will not roll forward if you don’t use all of your available slots for the month.
If you are visiting in a car, you will be able to book up to 4 visits per calendar month. If your vehicle needs a permit you will need to apply for a new permit before you can book a date and time to visit. Find out how you can recycle some of your household waste recycling products. Once booked, you will receive a reference number via email which you must use when visiting the centre. You will need to bring a debit or credit card with you to the Recycling Centre where a member of staff will help you pay.
Please cancel any booking that are no longer required, this will free up the slots for others to visit. With intelligent digital resource management, and centralized status information, you can optimize internal processes, increase handling capacity, and reduce loading and unloading times. Without proper planning, you risk overcrowded parking areas, increased accident risks, and additional costs for waiting times. Unfortunately, there has been an increase in fly tipping in Suffolk during the pandemic, as there have been in most parts of the country, whether or not they have a recycling centre booking system.
Blog See the latest updates, insights, and advice from transport experts. Dock & Yard Management Hub Dock & Yard Management Hub Bring order to the dock, warehouse and yard. At 9 Recycling Centres vans with small trailers (The system will be reviewed to consider the impact on the site and other users. Car derived vans are constructed or adapted as a derivative of a passenger vehicle and which has a maximum laden weight not exceeding 2 tonnes. Before you book, you will need to read and agree to the terms and conditions stated on the booking form.

You display your Dartford permit or have proof of Kent residency if visiting Dartford Household Waste Recycling Centre. If you have repeated unused bookings, you may be restricted in the future. From 1 April 2023, non-Kent residents will be required to pay £10 per visit to use one of the 19 KCC Household Waste Recycling Centres. We charge for the disposal of materials such as rubble, plasterboard, paving slabs, windows and doors, at the Recycling Centre. Photographic documentation of transport damage and proof of cargo safety. Less labor-intensive solution due to electronic workflows and paperless management of transport documents.
Sorry, your age or location does not permit you to enter at this time. Your search query can’t be longer than 128, so we shortened your query.
To visit one of our household waste recycling centres you must book a slot in advance. Before you visit the recycling centre you will need to book a slot. It’s quick and easy and you will receive an email confirming the date and time for you to come to visit.
Please check what items can be taken to the recycling centre or find out more about what to expect when you visit the recycling centre including the opening hours and where it is. Vans, cars with large trailers and all trade waste customers should unload within 25 mins. Your booked 30 minute slot will allow for time to enter and leave the site. Find out about the household waste and recycling centre including how to book a slot to visit. Staff already use vehicle registration numbers to check whether customers have valid bookings.

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